What is CADPage For iOS?

CADPage For iOS allows you to receive pages, view details and maps, and respond directly from your iOS device. Pages are received as push messages, and you can adjust the settings to see just the information that's important to you.

How is it different from the Android version?

First, CADPage For iOS is written and maintained by a different developer. Ken (CADPage Android Developer, and Java ninja) was kind enough to allow me to develop this version, and has supported my efforts along the way.

In the sense of app code, design, and environment, the differences are night and day.

Android apps are developed using Java, and apps on Android devices have deeper access to the operating system itself, allowing them to go places and get information that iOS apps cannot. Apps developed for iOS are written in Objective-C, and are "sandboxed", which means they don't have the same level of access afforded to Android apps. For instance, CADPage on Android can receive messages as text messages, while CADPage For iOS cannot.

Wait...you mean it doesn't support getting pages as text messages?

In short, no.

Apple, for security reasons, requires all apps to be "sandboxed". This means they have very limited access to the operating system, and only through approved methods. Currently, Apple does not provide a way to read or intercept text messages, and this is not likely to change. Giving apps access like this could allow for evil doings by nefarious developers, like reading all your texts, or uploading them to a server. Some say it's a reason to pick Android over iOS, but I'll leave that decision to you.

I already paid for a CADPage on Android. Why do I have to pay again?

CADPage For iOS and CADPage on Android are developed and maintained by two different groups. Although we do frequently communicate, funds generated by either version stay with their respective group. Unfortunately that means that users who have a current subscription on the Android platform cannot transfer their subscription if they begin using an iOS device. While no one likes to pay twice, please understand we put a lot of time into these apps. Plus, we need to eat too.

Why can't I use vendor XYZ?

That's a good question. I'm absolutely open to adding new services, but this requires that they're open to the idea as well. For this to happen, they would have to create an API (or use an existing one) to allow us access to their messages. People can be very protective of that information, and rightly so.

Currently CADPage For iOS supports receiving pages from Active911 and CodeMessaging. This can happen because the people who run those services are open to allowing us access to their systems. If you would like to see a service added, I suggest you let them know. They're more likely to respond to the request if it's from their users, and not from some developer they've never heard of.

How do I login to Active911?

Use the email address you use to login to Active911.com as your username, and the device code assigned to you by your Active911 account administrator. It looks like this: 1234-ABCD

How do I login to CodeMessaging?

Login using the same username and password you use to login to CodeMessaging.net.

This app sucks. How do I get a refund?

Wow, that was kind of blunt. I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm happy to tell you how anyway.

All transactions are handled by Apple through your iTunes account, so refund requests need to go through them as well. For step by step directions, just follow this handy link.